I'm Jasmine.

A Clairvoyant Medium, Healer and Coach for women. 

I am a powerhouse innovator (a Manifestor, by Human Design standards).

Through the various bodies of my work, I  offer deep transformation to the humans that are called to work with me.

Part of my Souls mission is to guide you to your own expansion and evolution in Spirit, Self and Wealth.


“Thank you Jaz, I am a bit speechless! I have so much more gratitude and awareness of all the things that are important to us as beings now. My vortex is massive and building. Your program gave me in-depth insights to my own spiritual journey. Lots of WOW and uh-huh moments in every session ”
“I dove into one of Jasmines programme’s with a feeling of unknown territory. A feeling of energetic alignment, pulling me towards it, choosing it for me. I had zero expectations but knew I was going to experience immense personal growth. There were countless WOW moments and growth within every call.”
“I am in awe of Jasmine and her. She’s helped me out numerous times with my children and has given me amazing insight with her live discussions on intuition and everything spiritual - she’s an amazing woman who i love and admire. Thank you Jasmine X’”

Upcoming 2023 Auckland Retreat

Join a group of like-minded women on this three day, all-inclusive experience set on the lush grounds of Kawai Purapura Wellness Retreat. 

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