Mediumship channels guidance from those who have gone before, not only for the sake of those who are here, but also for the sake of those yet to come. 


~ Anthony St Maarten


Join Medium Jasmine Burgess for her Evening with Spirit Event

During the course of the Evening, Jasmine will pass on messages, wisdom and healing from the souls of your loved ones that have passed on.


Jasmine has demonstrated Mediumship through these events for over seven years all around New Zealand, in person and in virtual groups. Her laid back approach to Spirit World, creates an effortless, yet powerful, connection with not only your loved ones but with the audience as a whole.

Jaz knows how to hold space for big emotions and big energy, I have seen this plenty of times at her shows as she gracefully holds space for grief and despair to transform to understanding and comfort. It’s powerful to watch.


~  A. Shortland

 During these events, Jasmine talks with up to 10 people to relay messages (although we’d love to speak with everyone) its simply not possible in one evening!

Chatting with your loved ones is powerful. Their energy is moving around you. They work extremely hard to have their energy come through to chat with you during the night.

Sometimes you may feel their strong presence throughout the evening and even that alone is a beautiful experience for people to have.

Evening with Spirit is a 2 hour event, with a small 15 minute break.


May 30th 7:30pm NZST

Join us online for this uplifting group experience where Jasmine will bring through loved ones and their messages through evidential mediumship. Join with your camera on or off from the comfort of your own home!

Tickets are $45 NZD

Grab yours now!