There is a common thread that weaves through the small collective of those who have immersed themselves in my world..

That is the desire for connection, understanding and evolution in the journey of growing into the higher aspect of ourselves within this human form.

It is my vision and guided direction from Spirit, to bring together a group where women and men can create profoundly deep connections and lovingly hold and accept each other as we navigate through this human experience and discover what it means to be going through an ascension journey, as individuals and as a collective.

I want to upgrade the lens in how you perceive this physical experience as you explore different areas of your spiritual self, in different ways throughout our time together.


I want you to experience a greater sense of how interconnected everything and everyone really is.

I want you to have access to a safe space where you can be your authentic and unique soul self.

I want to create a space where you can have magical conversations, give and get support from other like minded beings.

 It feels so aligned for me, at this stage in my journey, to create a long term space where I can encourage others to share their energy, their hearts and their wisdom with the group and where I can really focus the embodiment of my gifts and acquired wisdom through sharing powerful and transformative teachings on multiple different subjects monthly. These are all trainings that I found have helped many of my clients over the years on their own journey of awakening and ascension. 


This Mastermind container will begin on 10/10/2022.

 I have put this on early bird pricing, with the intention of ensuring that this is (as inclusive as possible) for those souls who instantly feel it in their heart to join.

My energy will be within the mastermind group for the purpose of teaching only. The mastermind itself, calls all the humans within it to rise, together. No one leads.

Everyone is equally responsible for what they put in and what they get out of it.

When multiple minds come together, a common energy is created. 

Power meets power.

Masterminds are designed as a space for open networking, connection, sharing your gifts, collaboration with other spiritual practitioners, sharing readings or group messages,  having a safe place to ask for feedback from others within the group and sound boarding ideas and thoughts.

Pay Weekly

$56 NZD


Pay Monthly

$222 NZD


Pay in Full

$2,444 NZD


By purchasing on a payment plan, you agree to uphold all payments, and that all payments are final, as per our terms of purchase outlined here.