In my experience, Human Design is such an incredibly powerful modality for self-acceptance and self-understanding.  Human Design will provide you with an accurate and reliable decision making tool. Knowing your Human Design Profile, will unlock levels of your own uniqueness that you may not have known you possessed, and gives good insight of how to relate with others and the world around you.

HD & Me is aiming to support you in understanding your ideal way of being (known as strategy) and how your energetic body comes to decisions in your life (known as authority).


This course will also give you some greater awareness around the nine energy centres within your energetic body and how you can harness that energy for its highest expression in your daily life.

Over a dozen recorded online presentations, with visual learning prompts, led by Jasmine Burgess that take you through the journey of human design. 

  • Discover and get familiar with your design type, strategy and authority.
  • Learn about the nine energy centres in the body.
  • Discover how to leverage these energies in the highest way for your journey.

You will have your own access to an online platform to partake in the course and it can be studied at your own pace.