This programme removes all the stigma around connecting to the Spirit World.

Mediumship Mastery begins late 2023

I invite you to learn Spirit mediumship in a safe, uplifting and empowered way, by focusing on simple yet effective techniques to communicate with the souls around you in a non-fear based methodology. I have compounded 10 years of experience and knowledge into this five week live programme. 

If you are ready to facilitate comfort and healing for yourself and others, through communicating with passed loved ones, then this is the programme for you.

You no longer have to fear the unknown once you learn these techniques and reclaim your power as a spiritual being having a physical experience.

" Connecting with loved ones is supposed to be enjoyable and enriching experience. Don’t let fear, hesitation or doubt about what’s happening get in the way of your mediumship development. "

Mediumship Mastery will not only get you started in your mediumship journey on the right foot, but will teach you how to be in control of your abilities, as you develop them from a place of confidence, personal power and greater awareness. 


Whether you’re just beginning your journey of development or have been in practice for a while ( but don’t feel like you quite have the basics down) by the end of this five week programme, you’ll feel confident in how to develop your abilities in a grounded, clear and healthy way.


  •  10 Live zoom modules and Q&A sessions with Jasmine Burgess

  •  Supportive facebook group where you can connect, practice and ask for advice from other women on this journey. 

  • An opportunity to upgrade into VIP container for personalised, individual support and access to Jasmine's calendar to book private practice sessions. 

Mediumship Mastery

2023 Edition


  • Learn my exact process for connecting to loved ones,
  • Understand how to set powerful energetic boundaries for working with Spirit,
  • Gain access to multiple powerful visualisations and exercises to help you gain confidence in practice, 
  • Discover sacred tools, not shared with anyone else, for protection, grounding and connection.
  • Learn how to facilitate a reading for yourself, family or in a client setting.

Do you want to pay it off instead?

In an effort to make this more accessible for you, we have offered a monthly payment plan to distribute the cost of the programme for you.

6 x monthly payments of $148



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