Our evolution and the natural ascension process has given us the awareness needed to be able to (not only) deal with repeating cycles of trauma and karmic debris, but to also facilitate the activation of the individual light body- yet our cultural training overrides our body's natural instinct about what to do. The result is that we often store the energy of trauma in the body leading to unexplained physical problems, mental and emotional issues, and psychological blockages.

Other-worldly support has provided us with a system of Lightbody Integration to assist and accelerate the ascension process on this planet. This work removes the blocking energy structures and activates the dormant Lightbody. Lightbody Integration is a karmic bypass technology not subject to the rules of karma i.e. cause and effect. This means that you awaken in consciousness more rapidly than was originally planned (without having to push through so many karmic issues).

We experienced separation, in the arrival of our souls to this planet in physical form and we forgot that we are a spark of God. This only happens because many different energy structures were put in place (within our Lightbody) before we incarnate in order to shut it down. These create the illusion that we are limited by blocking our higher dimensional functions and access. As the higher frequencies descend upon us (which is all part of the collective ascension process) these etheric and astral structures overload, causing uncomfortable “ascension symptoms”. This can make us feel really blocked, as if there is a cap on our consciousness.

Quantum Connection is an energy healing modality that I have founded. I have incorporated it into my work with my clients, with incredible results over a number of years. The work itself is centred around the human lightbody.


The lightbody itself is the essence of who we were before birth and what will continue after death. It is the source of true spiritual awakening and healing. It is a living etheric being that is a part of each and every one of us that holds important codes and wisdom about the souls path here in this lifetime (and others before it). It is a valuable source of information for a persons physical, mental and emotional state.

With the right support and practice, you can be taught to intuitively see and feel the lightbody, which is the primary source for where the healing takes place.

This is a very forward-based technique, meaning, once you are taught the energy system, how to intuitively see the cells in the body and how to recognise different types of ailments that sit within someones energy field, you will be able to (with a persons full permission) go directly to facilitate the required changes within the persons energy body yourself.

Very often, men and women are drawn to quantum healing with very little conscious understanding as to “why”. This is usually because they can sense subtle “imbalances” or distortions in the energetic body and desire them to be balanced or cleared.



△ Relief of various physical ailments, injuries and illnesses,
△ Clarity in the mind and a sense of feeling grounded and present,
△ Profound emotional changes in the recipient.
△ Positive changes to the DNA sequence can be facilitated with this work.
△ Practices to recalibrate the cells to hold higher frequency of light within the body.
The light body is accessible by Quantum Connection Practitioners. It requires the Practitioner to connect to the lightbody of a person (or animal) to facilitate the removal of any inorganic debris or attachments. 




That means you, too! That's why the Quantum Connection technique was founded on the principles of Nikola Tesla:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." That's the whole philosophy. We get back to the foundations, we return home to the very blueprint of all life on earth -- energy. you will be taught how to work with the energy in, between, through, and around all the cells of your body, we will dive deep into the layers of the subconscious mind and facilitate a lot of your own healing through this process.

You desire to facilitate and hold safe space for powerful healing of yourself and others,

You would like to discover how to use a unique and powerful healing modality that has made significant impact in other peoples lives,

You are looking to take your love and knowledge of energy and magic to the next level but don't know how to begin,

You desire the confidence to trust in your intuition and capacity to heal, but are not quite sure how to get that place, 

You would like the option to start earning money and create your own energy healing business,

You find the subconscious mind, limiting beliefs and ancestral healing very exciting and you want to learn more,

You are already a holistic therapist and want to offer another powerful modality to your clients, 

 Would like some guidance and helpful tools on how to set up your own practice,

Find yourself fascinated by energy healing and would love to learn a timeless new technique for your own personal reasons,

This online certification has been developed to give you all the tools to not only give you an incredibly deep understanding and awareness of energy healing, but to help you increase your confidence when using energy healing on yourself and/or within your business, but all the documents, techniques and information you need when starting your own Quantum Connection healing practice. 




On completion of this certification, the practitioner will be able to:

  • Explore qualities and self care needs of a Quantum Connection Practitioner.

  • Discuss the facets of Quantum Connection and correlate techniques that support physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual healing.

  • Demonstrate Healing Presence: the ability to remain grounded, present, and heart-centered.

  • Describe personal perceptions of subtle energy/heart-centeredness.

  • Apply the Quantum Connection Framework to a variety of energy interventions.

  • Identify the lightbody and related energy layers that surround the body.

  • Demonstrate understanding of the function of the subconscious mind and its relationship to energy healing.

  • Apply Quantum Connection healing techniques confidently to both student and volunteers.

  • Explore Quantum Connection and how to use it for best Business practices.

  • Discuss the Ethics, Standards of Practice and Scope of Practice required of a beginning Quantum Connection Practitioner.

  • Be certified to use the Quantum Connection Modality for personal and business purposes.

Well, if there weren’t already a gazillion other epic reasons to learn from me (wink) the fact is, I have created a successful word-of-mouth business model built on an outstanding success record and a client--first philosophy.

The Quantum Connection modality and practice is an architecture of my own design.

There is nowhere else that will teach you this practice. This is energetic mastery and something I am very proud to have channeled and refined for myself over a number of years.

I feel extremely blessed and excited to facilitate the certification of the first ever Quantum Connection practitioners onto this planet.

  • A comprehensive online, self-paced learning experience where you can take yourself through the coursework at your own speed, as long as it is completed within a 12 month timeframe.

  • You'll have 24/7 access to your training videos, homework assignments, meditations, audios, workbooks and other files that are available to you throughout the course. 

  • Monthly connections, we’ll come together LIVE in a zoom group training which includes a Q&A segment. These will be recorded and added to your online portal, however, joining LIVE is best. You'll have an opportunity to ask questions, get feedback and receive some hot seat coaching. 

  • Many opportunities for introspection and integration with “homework” to be completed and turned in.

  • Inclusion in a Facebook Community Circle, outside of the course platform, which will be used as a fun, interactive and supportive way to connect with the others, share your experiences, ask questions or just build new friendships with those who are working through the same course as you. My team and I will also be in there for cheer-leading support and bonus materials.

  • There will be two opportunities throughout the year for you to have a private 1:1 call with me. This gives you the space to get guidance, ask more questions, request your own healing or bring anything to the table that you want deeper support on.

  • Graduation Evening - You will be invited to an expenses-paid graduation dinner along with the other practitioners, hosted at a venue in the middle of the North Island. This will be at the end of this certification (August 2023) for the women and men who have completed all required work within the 12 months.where you will receive your certification and we will complete our year with a beautiful feast together.

The self-investment for this certification is currently:

$9,999 NZD


I'm Ready To Apply

There are 12 and 18 month payment plan options for this certification.