" The future of medicine is Quantum."


Quantum healing is an ancient and effective way to help the body and mind.

It is a type of healing that uses the power of quantum energy to heal the body. Various physical and mental ailments can be treated using this method by working with your own unique energy field with the support of light, sound, and vibrations.

Sometimes quantum healing is also used to help a patient’s body release toxins and rebalance.

I teach this unique modality to people who aspire to use it in their own lives as Practitioners.

Quantum healing aligns with the belief that everything is connected and that we are all part of a larger whole. It follows the principles of quantum physics.

There are no boundaries between things or parts; everything is one thing working together in harmony. In this belief system, everything affects everything else—even when they’re not directly interacting.

So this also means that if someone else wants to help heal your pain without touching you or being present with you physically (like a distance healer), they can still do so. They understand how your energy works and how their intention affects yours.

This is the what takes place in a distant/remote quantum healing session with Jasmine.

Quantum healing is an energy therapy technique to unlock blocked areas of your life. By combining healing with science, this therapy can unblock you, activate your gifts, and help you see the world in a different light.


Quantum vs western medicine

There is a world of difference between the two.

In quantum healing, the practitioner uses their ability of being able to "see" or "feel" into the energetic body and perform other actions to help facilitate rapid healing on the receivers body.

While in western medicine, practitioners use drugs and invasive procedures to treat patients, not to feel the pain. Sometimes even cutting some body parts and organs but not fixing the actual root cause.

Quantum healing re-energizes troubled areas and reactivates immunity, can remove any artificial implants or help rebalance stagnated energy centres. Believe it or not, we have a strong ability to heal by ourselves, rebalance our condition and remove negative energy.

Blood pressure

High blood pressure is a significant concern for many people, whether because they live with it or have to control it with medication. But by working on reducing your anxiety and other symptoms of stress with quantum healing, you may be able to eventually stop needing the drugs in the first place.


It can help you overcome headaches. By sending healing energy to your body, you can reduce the pain and inflammation associated with recurring headaches. It also helps to balance the brain chemistry that sometimes causes headaches.

Quantum healing works by clearing out the negative energy accumulated in your body, causing headaches.



When you are depressed, you are experiencing a lack of energy in your life. It can lead to feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and sadness.

This method of healing restores your natural state of joy and happiness by bringing back your natural vibrance and ability to be present in the moment.

Skin issues

Body and skin issues have a root cause in energy imbalances and blockages.  Obviously diet and environment also plays a huge factor in the condition of our skin, but very often dry, inflamed or agitated skin can stem from the blocked flow of life force energy through the bodys system.

Experience of life

Multiple sessions have an effective way to increase your deeper understanding of universal love. People can start to experience a greater sense of oneness and connectedness with their purpose and life. It can unlock areas of the unconscious that harbours detrimental patterns and behaviours so you can work to release them.


When you’re stressed, the energy in your cells can become imbalanced, causing them to be less effective at doing their job.

Quantum healing can help rebalance these energies so that your cells can work together more effectively and efficiently. It helps reduce stress on all levels of your being.


Mama, Muse and Creator of the Quantum Connection Modality.

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and healing through all the layers of conditioning, fear and trauma in this human experience.

When illness manifests physically..


I have used this modality actively in my life for the past six years, with massive results. So much so, that I now train others to use it. Six years ago, my body began to shut down after a long time of not looking after it and the added pain of the sudden death of a loved one. I became crippled with anxiety, sadness and guilt. The stagnated energy in my energy field began to manifest as physical ailments in my body.

After months of pain in my joints and problems with my chest, The doctor diagnosed me as having rheumatoid arthritis (at the young age of 28). 

My knees began to give way and I couldn't walk for weeks.

The syringe in the photo is over 20 mls of fluid that was extracted from my left knee, with a further 15mls being extracted from my right knee.

I couldnt walk or move, the pain was excruciating and nothing was fixing it aside from literally draining infected fluid out of my kneecaps.

It was clear my body was blocked up and not in flow. I began to use the quantum technique on myself and healed the infections in my body rapidly, I have not had an episode of inflammation or painful joint swelling since. In fact, I do not believe my body holds the energy of rheumatoid arthritis anymore and since I healed myself of that, I have since balanced my hormones, fixed my skin issues, resolved past life phobias and created a stronger immune response through the power of quantum healing.

So what about the "purge?"

Ahhhhhh.. the purge! 

Following on from almost every quantum healing I have facilitated comes the dreaded and somewhat excitedly anticipated PURGE.

The purge (as we have lovingly nicknamed it) is another way of suggesting that with this level of energetic recalibration, there is almost always a short period of time where the body needs to adjust to the new energies. 

Some humans experience this is a physical and/or emotional purge. 

It can look like shorted lived mild flu like symptoms, loose bowels, mucous in the throat, extreme fatigue, emotional vulnerability among other things. 

The purge (also known as a healing crisis) is absolutely normal and usually to be expected whenever dense energy has been released because its the bodies way of purging out what doesn't belong to you anymore, in order for you to integrate the higher frequency energies from the healing itself.

you will go to a place of feeling calm, grounded and a stronger sense of peace following on from a purge. 

Some people are lucky enough to avoid the purge completely and instead experience feelings of bliss, clarity and euphoria. 









Everyone’s journey is different. Find what vibes best with you.


$155 NZD

  • Carried out remotely (you dont need to do anything!)
  • Email summary sent within 24 hours of healing.
  • Includes clearing of your auric field.



  • Carried out remotely (you dont need to do anything!)
  • Email summary sent after each healing takes place
  • Includes auric clearing.
  • We can go deeper into the  layers of the energy field with multiple sessions.



Best deal!

  • Carried out remotely (you don't need to do anything!)
  • Email summaries sent after each healing
  • 1 healing session per week for one month.
  • Zoom reading at the end of the month, post healing to get guidance, answer questions.

Want to become a Practitioner?

We are almost finished the very first intake of the Quantum Connection Practitioners Certification. 

We are on the look out for the next wave of quantum healers to activate over a 12 month certification beginning Sept 2023.

This is the vibe! Tell me more!