Private sessions are open to book with Jasmine. 

Mediumship sessions

Connecting to loved ones in Spirit  is an art I have practiced and embodied for almost a decade. I read without any cards or tools and utilise only the ability of clairvoyance (seeing) and clairsentience (feeling) to bridge a very special connection with your loved one in Spirit realm. A session with me is anywhere between 45-60 minutes. You may ask questions or simply just savour the experience of an authentic evidential mediumship connection.  I do not cover active missing persons cases.

$333 NZD

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Personal Guidance

During these sessions, it is not just about giving timeline predictions for a person. When we look at the dominant "future" timeline for you,  it actually manifests for you based on multiple factors (including beliefs, attitude and behaviour) and any/all of those things can be altered at any time you like, if you desire a different reality in your life. Your future is not set in stone, there are many multiple outcomes for every given situation. However, I read the most dominant energy in your field (usually this is an unconscious energy to you). I tune into you in a way where I can "foresee" certain outcomes, based entirely on your unconscious dominant energy, which is how the accuracy of my future guidance sessions are so high. 
Its not enough to just give information in readings about predictions, be open to receiving support, loving advice and direction from your guides that ensures you align to the highest possible outcomes for you in the situation of concern. These sessions can look like:
  • Giving answers to your burning questions
  • general forecasts
  • Guidance around money, family and personal matters
  • what to keep in mind in coming months

$199 NZD

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Personal Guidance Session

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