Recalibrate your mind Retreat encourages women to focus on progress and healing not perfection. This is a three day experience full of powerful, yet practical tools and practices to support women to adapt a greater awareness of the power of both their conscious and subconscious minds.
This Retreat is designed to teach the relationship between the mind and different parts of the ego and Spirit Self. The intention for you is that you come away from this with a profoundly deep and extensive understanding of how your limiting beliefs may be affecting your health in different ways as well as the way you experience life. Throughout the three days together, I will be supporting you on your journey to enhanced mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing, through the transformational teachings of the subconscious mind and energy field led and facilitated by myself and the High Council of Nine.
This work is quickly gaining momentum with alot of incredible feedback being received by women who have personally experienced this work in the past six months. It is my desire to create a full, immersive weekend experience for women where they have the space, guidance and support to grow and to shift from a mindset of limitation to one of limitlessness and potentiality.
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A wealth of new information awaits you. Expand your mind through a variety of topics including the important relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind, the formation of your lightbody and souls mission here, how the ego operates.
You will be taught powerful techniques to access your thought processes, to witness your limiting beliefs playing out and practical steps to rewire these beliefs in real time. Through practice of these sacred tools, you will experience embodiment of a higher level of awareness around your triggers and how to navigate various challenges that may show up in your life.


Your body will be nourished by fresh, wholesome and tasty meals the entire weekend.

There is a beautiful group dining area where we will all share our main meals together. Your options will be plentiful when it comes to fueling your vessel and indulging your senses.


You will take part in various  group energy healings, including sound bath healing and some of the most powerful healings on offer (Quantum Healings) will be facilitated throughout the weekend together. 

We will also hold a group twilight ceremony on the final evening with delicious hot drinks, music, pillows, blankets, healing frequencies and crystal bowl work.


In the spaces between, you will have the freedom to explore the expansive, lush green grounds of the retreat location. There is a 25m non-chlorinated swimming pool to cool off in as well as a small sauna and spa to unwind in. There are also bush tracks if you feel like getting lots of fresh air into your lungs.


Movement is medicine and a fundamental piece of this retreat. Every morning, you can be expect to be guided through a conscious movement session by a certified yogi, to step out of your mind and into your body, beginning each day feeling grounded and present inside of your vessel.


For those who are really pulled to explore the depths of their mind and tune into what their inner landscape is holding, the Phoenix upgrade is an added experience for women who are ready to work at an individual level with their limiting belief systems. You will have the opportunity to sit with Jasmine and the Council of Nine over the weekend where we will talk through whatever limitations you are experiencing at the moment and the Council of Nine will take us deep into the mental and emotional plane of your body, to help release and transmute the FOUNDATION beliefs,that no longer serve you. It is through this, that we will work to recalibrate the beliefs into something that serves your purpose and mission here. 

The remainder of the group will hold space for you and witness these powerful transformations take place in real time.

The Phoenix Upgrade includes both nights single room accommodation, full retreat pass, Subconscious pulling session PLUS a 30 minute post-retreat zoom call with Jasmine.


There is 1 space remaining for this particular upgrade.

-Please note, the testimonials on this page are from women who opted to do the individual subconscious work with me ( as offered in the Phoenix upgrade.)




Three Day Pass (3 spaces remain)

$999 NZD

  • Full three day pass (includes all group activities and trainings).
  • Morning breath work and movement sessions.
  • Twilight cacao and quantum ceremony optional to attend (it's in the evening).
  • Includes lunch and snacks on all three days. Added option is to join us for dinner too!
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Hey Soul Sister! SOLD OUT!!!!

$1,333 NZD

  • Full three day pass (includes all group work and trainings).
  • All meals are included.
  • Twilight cacao ceremony with Jasmine and the group.
  • Morning Breathwork and movement sessions.
  • Two nights single room accommodation is included. *shared facilities*.

Phoenix Upgrade (SOLD OUT!!!)

$1,666 NZD

  • Includes three day pass (all meals)
  • 2 x nights accommodation (your own room)
  • Subconscious pulling session with Jasmine during the retreat.
  • 30 minute Post Retreat zoom call.