△ Infuse your soul work here with higher insights from your Spirit guides.

△ Experience a greater depth and understanding of the Universal laws, guides and energy.

△ Use in your own spiritual practice or service.

Fundamentals Of A Healthy Vibration

△ You will learn sacred techniques and share in the wisdom that has helped me to elevate my own vibration when working with Spirit.

Intuition & Higher Self

△ We will dive to great depths to give you a clear understanding of how to use your intuition in tangible ways and connecting to the essence of your Higher Self.

Spirit Guides & Readings

△ You will learn my techniques for connecting with Spirit guides and how to carry out an auric reading on others. You will meet your own Spirit Guide and Spirit Animal.

“I have invested in several of Jasmine's spiritual development programmes and experienced some amazing transformations from each and every one of them with her authentic and clear way of teaching. I felt supported the whole way through.”

— L R Adams

“If you are curious about Jasmine's offerings, my best advice to you is to take the leap! I really surprised myself with what I was actually able to tune into. It was my first experience working without cards and it was far better than I could of ever imagined”

— J Walton