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 Personal Readings

With Jasmine




What can be accessed in a session?

Spirit Guides and loved ones

Soul's general purpose / reason for coming to the earth

How you can best fufill your purpose

What is in alignment with your soul's path for this lifetime

Crystals that you are being guided to connect with

Chakra analysis 

Past Lives and how they may be 'affecting' your current life / state of consciousness

Any blocks or limitations and where they stem from

Insight/Guidance within purposeful business (If you're looking to start a business / Currently own a business)

Meet the Muse

Jasmine Burgess

Psychic Medium & Mentor

As a strong intuitive and channel, Jasmine will guide you through your session with confidence. She believes every soul is on a journey back to Source, and sometimes we just need a little reminder in the form of messages or guidance that bring us home to remembering our innate personal power.

Connection with loved ones

Mediumship never advises or predicts, but your loved ones know how you’re going and will always comment. Often times more than one soul can come through for you.

Expect to feel comforted and witnessed by them along with the healing that happens with contact from the world of Spirit.

$199 USD

you will be taken to calendar to book your time and make payment.


Personal Guidance Session

We leave the everyday life behind and focus on the soul’s potential, abilities and where it most wants to go. The power will stay with you the entire time and you will feel a soul deep confirmation.

A connection is made to your Spirit Guides and Higher Self with the intention to provide you with feedback in the areas of your life that you may be experiencing a lack of clarity or understanding. In this session we will highlight what beliefs may be in your way and help you to get a new awareness on how to heal them. Often times I will be shown important events or soul contracts that you will fulfil.
Depending on each individual,  I will use a combination of  intuitive & mediumship guidance, energy work and channeling to facilitate this experience together.

$222 USD

you will be taken to calendar to book your time and make payment.