Telesthesia - Remote Viewing Programme

A remote viewer taps into the collective unconscious that connects everyone and everything in the universe. This online course will teach you techniques and methods to activate, strengthen and sharpen your innate remote viewing skills.

You'll learn how to transcend your physical senses and use your psychic & mediumistic senses to gather and "view" information that is non-physical.



★  Understanding the origins of remote viewing ( I think this will surprise you).

★  Practicing how to view simple objects at a distance, then move up to more complex objects and locations,

★  Time travel techniques that permit you to view past events or locations or to project your consciousness to a future timeline/event.

★ Entering an altered state of consciousness to perceive textures, sounds, colours, tastes, smells, temperatures, from across a space and time.

Developing "non-physical eyes" and understanding how the subconscious mind is playing a big role in the remote view.

★ Learn to "perceive" the target and sketch visual "snapshots" of distant and moving images. 

★  Live sessions and replays available inside of group environment.

You can also use remote viewing in mediumship to travel with and through the eyes of your spirit communicator. Additionally, you can use it in one-to-one psychic readings as well as to remote work with distant areas for land clearing.


Please note: This course is close to $2,000 at its full price. Early bird offer applies only until Jan 1st 2023.